Sony is Quitting PS3 in Japan

At the moment, in Japan there is only one model available for the PS3, namely the 500 GB version in charcoal black. However, it seems that not even this version is going to be available for long, since Sony is quitting it on the Japanese market.

Quitting the shipments

Inside pointed out that Sony has recently announced on the official page of the Japanese product that they are going to conclude the shipments soon, to many fans’ sadness and disappointment. This model wears the model number CECH-4300C, and it started to be sold back in 2014, which is three years ago. Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be any replacement on the roll for this product in the line up.

Ken Kutaragi, who is the former Sony executive, had previously declared that the console has a 10-year life cycle. The PS3 product was initially released back in November 2006, and since we’re now in 2017, you might say that it has been holding on for more than even their creators would have expected. You can blame revamping iterations for the console and the stunning game library offered by the developers for this amazing performance.

What about North America?

For now, we have no information on how this decision will impact North America. Kotaku asked Sony for a follow-up on this matter, but they did not offer any answer yet. It remains to be seen whether the South Korean giant company will decide to cut back the PS 3 in North America too, but it wouldn’t really be a surprise either. And it is all part of a natural process, since there are newer and newer products that get released more and more often. Obviously, fans prefer to upgrade their consoles as soon as they can after the release, leaving the older version in the past.

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