Adobe Flash Player Installation on Android, Mac and Firefox

Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded on different platforms, including Linux, Windows, Mac and Android OS. While Google Play Store does not support the Flash Player anymore, it is still possible to install the software on Android devices, manually. This can be done via the Archived Flash Player versions page.

Adobe Flash Player Installation on Android Devices

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and select OK.
  3. Close Settings and launch browser.
  4. Type in “flash player archive page” or go directly to the Adobe Flash Player Archive page.
  5. Look for the option Flash Player for Android archives on the Archive page.
  6. Look for the Flash Player that is compatible with your Android OS and tap the link to start downloading.
  7. After downloading, exit the browser and open notifications.
  8. Tap “install_flash_player.apk”.
  9. After installation is finished, click on “Done”.

For Mac

  1. Click on the Flash out-of-date button.
  2. Select Download Flash and you will be sent to this site: and click on Install Now.
  3. Go to the Downloads folder.
  4. Double click on the installer.
  5. Select “Install Adobe Flash Player”.
  6. Add your password.
  7. Wait for install and click continue when prompted.
  8. Click Finish.

For Firefox

  1. Go to the Adobe website and the Flash Player download page and download Flash installer. Ensure to uncheck the box for optional software, say, McAfee Security Scan and Google Chrome.
  1. After downloading, close the browser and open the Flash installer. Simply follow the instructions on how to install Flash Player.

To check if you have the latest update of Flash in Mozilla, go to the Plugin Check page. If Flash Player needs to be updated, just follow the steps above to manually install the software. Meanwhile, other Flash Player downloads include PCs and iOS.

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