Android O Comes with Improved Notifications and New Features

Android O is pretty close to its presentation, but Google keeps things as secrets when it comes to the new version.

We already know that Android O may be Android Oreo due to information provided by Hiroshi Lockhiemer, executive vice president of Android. Although we know the name, we don’t know the technical details about the new version of the operating system.

There are some recent rumors about new features that may arise. Thus, Android O should be a pretty substantial update with new notifications, a picture-in-picture mode and beyond.

The new notification could be synchronized between devices being associated with the Google account you’re logged into your phone and PC, for example. The system would be based on Google’s automated learning, displaying notifications only to the currently used device by the user. There will also be displayed information on the number of notifications that you have from an application directly on the home screen.

Android O could get a picture-in-picture mode, borrowed from Android TV. Google is apparently trying to bring this system to other devices, at least to its tablets. The new operating system would come with an update to prevent background applications to consume resources, as happens in Chrome 57, which restricts the inactive tabs.

MediaRecorder API that allows applications to record audio/video and save data on your phone, would also benefit from a series of improvements, but the technical details are not yet known about them.

It will not be very long before Android O will be revealed, so we should expect these rumors to be confirmed, but also others to occur in the coming weeks.

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