Google Play Store Toolbox Available on Opera

Last December we found out about Toolbox for Google Play Store, which, in case you don’t know, is a extension for Chrome that improves the Play Store desktop site. It also brings integration with a couple of websites, such as APKMirror, Android Police or Appbrain, for example, plus it allows easy access if you want to join or leave the beta program for an app. Moreover, it fixes the bug where the “&” symbol was not shown correctly on the device list. The best part is the fact that you can turn these features on and off on their own.

Toolbox available on Opera now

The good news for everybody is that the Toolbox has become officially available for Opera. You can have it from the repository of Opera extensions and it works just like it does on Chrome. In fact, both of them rely on the same codebase, so the Opera version doesn’t miss anything.

A new update

Besides the Opera version, Toolbox also received an update for version 1.1. The update is intended mainly as a release for bug fixes, but it also supports Firefox entirely. However, the Firefox version still needs to have Mozilla’s approval before becoming available for the large public.

The great thing about Opera is that they offer lots of extensions, most of them useful. For example, if you check out their official page for add-ons, you will see that there are lots of extensions to choose from: Evernote Web Clipper, Gmail Notifier, Black Menu for Google, Weather Speed Dial, I Don’t Care About Cookies (which gets rid of the annoying cookie warnings on the infected websites), Download YouTube Videos and many more. You can select what category you want on the website and then choose to download it for your device.

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