GTA 6 Release Date Rumors – New Gameplay and Platforms

Given the huge success of the GTA 5, it is a plausible that the GTA 6 will be way bigger and filled with features than the previous installment. However, we don’t know anything about the release date or about the availability of the game, but it is best to leave Rockstar Games to take its time. Naturally, everybody wants GTA 6 to be as successful and as awesome as its predecessor.


According to the rumors, GTA 6 will be set in San Andreas. However, Rockstar will probably take advantage of the possibilities offered by the new generation hardware and will finally fulfill their wish for years, namely to bring all the other cities in one game. There have also been some mentions of London as being the new setting, but there is no official information on that.


Naturally, the developers will probably keep on with the same successful recipe, creating an open-world adventure game with a pessimistic narrative, players stealing cars and money. Rumor has it that the game may actually include a female character, together with new cars and new protagonists. Eva Mendes and her husband, Ryan Gosling, were rumored to play the new characters in the game.


As expected, GTA will be available on all big platforms, including PC. Even so, it seems that PS4 and Xbox One will be the first platforms to receive the upgrades present on GTA 6. Windows gamers will receive an optimized version of the game, which we hope it will move faster than GTA 5. Sadly enough, Nintendo Switch and other last generation consoles will not receive the new installment, probably because of the fact that it is pretty big and quite complex.

Until then, we are anxiously waiting for an official release date, but for now Rockstar is working on Red Dead Redemption 2.

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