Chromecast Cast Notifications Can Be Removed From Your Android OS

We have to agree that Chromecast comes with a huge ecosystem and thanks to the new applications and hardware that are released every now and then, it is getting bigger and bigger.

We have to mention that using Chromecast is the most seamless way to get content from a webpage or an application into a different device. We remind you that Google has recently added a new feature that allows you to use an ongoing cast notification feature.

It is good to know that your smartphone is now able to control all Chromecast streams and it is happening via the Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, there is a downside of connecting your Chromecast to your mobile device. It seems that there is a feature that will always allow you to see the ongoing cast notifications, even if you are not interested in them.

However, if you clear notifications on your device, you will kill the stream for whoever is enjoying it. To make things even worst, you will get a separate notification for every active stream.

In other words, if you have many devices that are able to connect to your Chromecast, then you will get many notifications, which can be quite annoying. The network notification is useful, especially when you are in the same room with the person that’s controlling the stream and you can’t reach your device for some reason.

Chromecast: Disable Notifications On Android OS

Unfortunately, you can’t really disable notifications for everyone on a network. This means that you will have to disable the notifications on all devices from your house. In order to get rid of this notification, you will need to head to the Settings menu->Personal->Google->Google Cast and disable the “Show Remote Control Notifications”

Are you using Chromecast to stream media on your TV? Tell us your thoughts about this little streaming device!

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