Clash Royale Upgrade Comes with 4 New Cards Available to Play

For those that are passionate about mobile gaming, Clash Royale is bound to be a household name by now. The online strategy game developed by Supercell is very popular among smartphone users due to its witty combination of card games, tower defense and multiplayer battle arena. With its initial release on the 2nd of March in 2016, Clash Royale has taken the world by storm, and culminated the year of its release successfully by being awarded the title of best game of the year.

Now more than ever, die-hard fans have an opportunity to try out a new upgrade of the game, namely the introduction of a patch made up of four cards. The cards in question will be bats, bandit, heal spell and night witch.


The bats card is predicted to be a crucial one for the game. It’s a balance/support card, very similar to the skeletons one, except that the bats are able to fight in the air (just like you’d expect from a real-life bat). The bats can target both air and ground, and their damage per second rate is of 67. The card will cost 2 elixirs and take 15 seconds for deployment.


The Bandit will be the first card out of the four set to be released this March, and is a legendary card with a special power that game players will most certainly love. The Bandit can give 160 damage per second, has a secret identity upon attack, and also immunity, acting like a mini-prince.

Heal Spell

This card is also a Clash of Clans one, being very useful for Clash Royale and Clash of Clans players alike. The card can heal 176 damage per second per batch of units, and comes back every 3 seconds. All in all, it’s a pretty good card to have on hand.

Night Witch

Perhaps the coolest card of the four, the Night Witch is almost like the regular Witch, but stronger. The Night Witch will produce Bats, not skeletons, and can target a single unit. However, its hits cause more damage than those of the regular Witch.

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