Optane Storage Speed Record Managed by Intel

Last January, we got the chance to see the first Optane storage modules made by Intel. Sadly, the first batch of modules only offered 32 GB memory space, which made people slightly disappointed. Luckily, we now have larger Optane models in the works, this time with 1.5 TB storage capacity. Moreover, we know more now about the way in which they work, and this helps us understand them better.

New Models

On Sunday, we will get the chance to see the first Optane SSD drive with a large capacity, namely the DC P4800X. It comes together with 375 GB storage and it will cost $1,520. It is mainly targeted at servers, but for now we don’t have any information about region availability.

The second quarter will see the release of another enterprise Optane SSD model, according to Intel. This one will have 750 GB. In the second half of 2017 we will also enjoy a 1.5 TB SSD, which is absolutely great news!

All the upcoming SSDs will be compatible as add-in cards for the PCI-Express/NVMe, plus the U.2 slots. They may work on some workstations and servers, if they run on the Naples processors, made by AMD and running on 32 cores.

More about Optane

Next year, Optane will also be available as DRAM modules. However, Intel did not offer any detail as to when are they going to start shipping consumer SSDs. Optane has been made famous through the title of the new class of extrafast memory and storage, basically the future of today’s SSDs and DRAM. According to Intel, it is 10 times faster than a regular SSD.

Optane relies on the 3D Xpoint technology, which is a certain memory that uses cells resistance in order to store data. The 3D Xpoint technology is made together with Micron.

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