PlayStation 3 Production Line Details

PlayStation 3 has been quite a successful product in its time, but it seems that the old console is living its last days. Several reports have shown recently that Japan will see a closure in the production of this Sony model.

But what does it mean exactly?

Long story short, this doesn’t mean that it will become a rare artifact and you won’t be able to find any PS3 on the shelves. Keep in mind that stopping the production in just one region doesn’t mean the death of the console altogether, worldwide. However, it’s not quite a good sign either, so most likely the end is near for this popular device.

How do we know about it?

We found out about this from GameSpot, who obtained a translation from Gematsu. The original piece of news reported that the Japanese PlayStation website said on the PlayStation 3 page that the “shipments are scheduled to end soon”. And this can only mean one thing, that the production is getting close to the end.

There is a reason for it

However, the company is not taking this decision for nothing. This particular device has seen its launch back in 2006 in Japan and North America. According to Sony, the machine would enjoy a complete 10-year life cycle, similar to the previous model, the PS2. If you think about it, this is the eleventh year of the PS3 on the market, so the device has overcome its prediction.

Even so, the production may halt at different times around the world. For example, in Brazil the device was launched only in 2010, so the console may extend its life here, as well as in other places where the situation is similar. Another reason for this is the fact that most great games did not reach the console until it passed 5 years old.

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