Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 and J2 Prime Gets Best Security Update

After the Galaxy A9 benefited from a March security update, it’s time for Galaxy J5 2016, J2 Prime and Galaxy C5 to receive the same treatment. This new patchy will install the latest version of Samsung’s monthly security update on the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy models. It’s good to know that even budget-friendly devices such as the J2 Prime running on Android Marshmallow get to benefit from this update.

You Can Find The Update Yourself

However, the update will not reach all devices simultaneously. You can either wait for your phone to receive it (and be prepared, because it can take a while), or you can look for it yourself and thus speed up the installation process. Checking for the update manually is very simple. Just go to Settings > About Device > System Update. Before hitting the download button, make sure that your phone has at least 50% battery, because such updates can be quite draining, and you don’t want your phone to shut down abruptly during installation. This can damage it irreparably.

What is more, make sure that your phone is connected to WiFi before proceeding with the downloading. These updates also generally use up a lot of data, and you don’t want to unwillingly find yourself depleted of mobile data or worse, with a sky-high phone bill on your hands.

Keeping Up With Rivals

Samsung’s new interest in providing timely updates might have come as a way to counterattack its many budget-friendly rivals on the smartphone market, such as Lenovo or Xiaomi. While these brands have surely harmed Samsung’s monopoly on the smartphone market, such updates are a new way to set the brand apart.

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