Super Mario Run Download Available for Android Soon

The Super Mario game series, part of parent game franchise Mario, has been a favorite of both kids and adults across the globe for decades now. It all began on July 9, 1981 with the release of the well-known game Donkey Kong. The Super Mario games follow the adventures of Mario and his brother Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom, and their main goal is generally to rescue Princess Peach. The games have come a long way since the 80s, and are now available on a multitude of platforms, mobile phones included.

When Super Mario Run first launched on iOS, it was an instant hit among the worldwide community of gamers. However, Android users became more and more impatient awaiting the game’s release on their mobile platform of choice as well, especially when Nintendo kept postponing it. Due to this delay on behalf of Nintendo, a bunch of questionable quality duplicates sprang up on Google Play.

Pre-registration for Super Mario Run on Android has been open since late December of 2016, and now Nintendo have finally made the launch date known, and it will be March 23, 2017. So, finally, the most eagerly-awaited game of 2016 will be available for Android users as well in just a few days. Hooray!

After being exhilarated by the recent and amazingly successful launch of Nintendo Switch, the Japanese game company have gone to Twitter on March 18 to announce the launch of Super Mario Run for Android for the 23rd of March. However, the question quickly came up, namely: given the fact that the game has been an iOS exclusive for so long, have Android users grown sick of waiting around for it? Are they no longer interested in Super Mario Run? We’ll have to wait for the 23rd of March to find out.

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