Adobe Fixed Flash Player Newest Vulnerabilities

Adobe Flash Player is a freeware software that can run from a web browser created by developer Adobe Systems. The software allows any browser to load rich multimedia and stream videos and animations, among many other perks. Thus, Adobe Flash Player has become essential to a quality browsing experience, and is an extension that all Internet users need and rely on.

On Patch Tuesday, Adobe reportedly fixed six of the seven vulnerabilities of Flash Player that could have potentially allowed attackers to gain control of affected systems. These critical vulnerabilities have now been fixed as per Security Bulletin APSB17-07. Although these vulnerabilities have not been exploited by malicious third-parties so far, Adobe has considered this patch a top priority.

Update Your Version of Adobe Flash Player

Chris Goettl, product manager at Ivanti, urges Adobe users to update their versions of Flash Player as soon as possible in order to benefit from the security fix. “As always, it is important to note that Adobe Flash and plug-ins for IE, Chrome, and FireFox all need to be updated to completely protect against the vulnerabilities,” he said. Although there are no reports of these vulnerabilities harming anyone so far, their critical nature is incentive enough for users to update their Flash in order to make sure they receive the patch and stay safe.

Besides fixing six of the seven notorious vulnerabilities, Adobe also patched vulnerability CVE-2017-2893 as per Security Bulletin APSB17-18. According to Adobe, this vulnerability “could potentially lead to escalation of privilege.” As per usual, yet another Patch Tuesday has made Adobe safer to use for us all. The effort on the developer’s behalf is laudable, because we all have come to know the importance of Internet safety, and how indispensable it is in the modern age.

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