Android O Features – What We Know So Far?

Yet again, we’re at that point when the entire Android community is curious and circulates rumors about the upcoming Android version. Everybody is expecting the next platform version to be announced at the Google I/O Conference event that will take place this May. Ever since February, Google has been releasing teasers for Android Oreo and Android Pocky, Pocky being scheduled for the next year. However, we don’t know if the company will stick to these names.


From what it seems until now, Android O will enjoy some new assistant features, together with smarter additions. One of the features rumored to be included on the upcoming version consists in app icon badges for all the active notifications.

The notifications may also get some changes and be revamped, but in a different way than we have seen with the Nougat version. People are hinting towards Andromeda now, but we don’t know for sure.

Picture-in-picture mode is yet another feature that should arrive on the Android O. Similar to the Android TV option, this is in fact the picture mode that was prepared for Android TVs on iPads. However, this feature may be extended to more devices, not just tablets.

The company has been reportedly working on improvements for the MediaRecorder. The API has been updated and it’s supposed to let some of the apps record video and audio, plus it brings the saving option to them. Rumor also has it that we should expect major improvements in this domain.

Adaptive icons. Just like with Google Pixel, the adaptive icons may indeed be going through some changes at the moment. We don’t know how they are going to adapt, but we’ll have to wait and see.

An enterprise focus. From what it seems, Google is planning to focus more on the enterprise part of its business, so we can assume they will bring features for developers on the upcoming Android O.

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