Clash of Clans – How To Dominate With the Best Attack Strategy

A good 3 star attack strategy on Clash of Clans is what has come to be known as HGHB, which stands for healers, giants, hogs and bowlers. Essentially, the strategy consists of sending in a Healer supported by Giants with Bowlers, and then deploying Hog Riders from the Clan Castle for extra support. In theory, you can attack any base layout using this strategy, but there are naturally a few tricky situations you need to be well aware of.

How To Attack With HGHB

In Clash of Clans, one of the most important things is to have a good start to your attack. If the start is good, then there are high chances the attack will unfold perfectly. The best bases to attack with a HGHB strategy are anti-3 star Town Hall 9 bases with a dead zone. Using an Archer Queen as defense early in the attack is a good idea. Always place your Baby Dragons near the point of entry in the enemy base, so you can funnel out the initial layers of buildings. Then get the Giants to smash the Wall with the Healer nearby. This won’t lose them any health, and you will gain entry very easily.

After the Giants finish smashing the Wall, it’s essential to be quick and smart. Deploy your Wizards, Heroes and Bowlers from the Clan Castle. As for the Hog Riders, drop them near defenses that target Heroes or Giants, and support them with Heal Spells. This strategy sounds easy, and that’s because it is. However, you need to be very careful how to go about it, and think it through well enough in order to avoid mistakes. If you plan it just right, it will unfold almost by itself.

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