Gmail vs. Outlook – Best Features and Improvements Comparison

When it comes to handling your emails for your business, there are definitely lots of options on the market, some of the best being Gmail and Outlook. Both of them are great services, offer reliable features and prove to be very useful. However, which one should you choose?

Integration at your workplace

You have to think about the fact that the email service you choose, it takes care of the manner in which you work with your employees and clients, so you have to integrate all the processes and programs you are using. The Microsoft Office lovers will want to go for Outlook, since this is better for any workplace needs. And it’s best if you use heavily Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access. On the other hand, if you don’t use them regularly, then Gmail is the perfect option.


If you want to have instant access to connections with your employees and clients, it is important to take this aspect into account. Truth be told, there are indeed many other apps and platforms you can use for this purpose, but wouldn’t it be better to have everything in one place? Thankfully, both services offer ways for chatting and starting conferences with people all around the globe. Outlook relies on Skype for this, which is a plus. Meanwhile, Gmail uses the Google Hangout feature for this.

Filters and Labels

When you have a huge inbox, filtering and labeling becomes essential. When it comes to this, Gmail is definitely the winner, allowing you the freedom to divide your emails into five tabs (Social, Promotions, Forums, Updates and Primary), plus you can customize it as you wish, set all kind of labels and so on. Outlook also offers labeling and filter options, but they’re not as well thought out as the ones made by Google.

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