Google Maps vs. iOS 10 Maps – Best Accuracy and Improvements Comparison

Needless to say, there is indeed a harsh competition going one between Apple and Google, and this reflects on their Maps apps too. However, even if Apple is rushing to add new extensions and features to their navigation app, such as added pit stops, many iPhone users are wondering if they should rely on the native app for this.


We have to admit that Google Maps is the long standing successful app, and so it offers a meticulously tested interface, which everybody finds easy to use. However, Apple Maps offers more when it comes to the launch screen. It offers more data in a bigger text, plus it has larger buttons, so it is easier to use. Both have clean interfaces, so it’s a draw here.

Hand-off features

Both apps can get directions directly from your desktop, which is pretty useful when you want to plan a journey. Google Maps sends the routes to the website in the browser, while Apple Maps uses a share widget on the desktop app. However, it’s easier to share your location with Apple Maps, where you simply have to tap a blue dot, whereas on Google Maps you have to hold down on a location.


This is perhaps one of the most important things you want to work in a Maps app. However, Apple Maps seemed to fail the test at this one. For example, Google uses the location in NYC to show you Central Park, if you ask Google Now so, while Siri showed Central Park in Washington when asked, so this is quite a big minus. However, both of them offer reliable directions for getting home, so you can’t say either of them is bad. Even so, depending on what matters most for your needs.

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