GTA 5 Online Cunning Stunts and Adversary Modes Available Soon

Even though Rockstar Games is currently adding the finishing touches on the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, it hasn’t forgotten about GTA 5 Online. The game developer recently rolled out Cunning Stunts last week but this it looks like this wasn’t enough. Rockstar Games has also announced that a bunch of new updates will arrive in the upcoming future. Even better, these updates will arrive to both PC and console platforms.

GTA 5 Online: Cunning Stunts Special Vehicle Circuit

This major update went live last week and it’s considered as one of the most entertaining updates to ever be released by Rockstar Games. The update contains 20 new tracks that were custom designed for Blazer Aqua, Ruiner 2000 and Rocket Voltic. In addition, the update also brings a brand new Supercar. In addition, Progen GP1 was also made available for purchase in the in-game store.

GTA 5 Online: Upcoming Updates

The game developer didn’t want to disclose all the details regarding the upcoming updates, it only stated that all of them will bring additional cars and handful of new Adversary Modes. Even better, creator content will be included in the upcoming updates as well.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone tough since this is what Rockstar Games likes to do between major patches. The game developer always brings out new cars and Adversary Modes in order to keep players entertained while they wait for another major patch.

Regarding Adversary Modes, Rockstar Games hinted that Ruston will be the first one. The other modes will be Top Down, Ressurection, Infernus Classic and Turismo Classic. Rumor has it that Ressurection will follow right after Ruston. This will be quite great since this mode seems to be most fun. We should mention that the first update will arrive on March 21st.

Nonetheless, GTA 5 Online players surely have something to look forward to. Taking in consideration that Rockstar Games is currently developing Red Dead Redemption 2, the fact that GTA 5 Online is still being updated at the same time is quite impressive. The game developer is proving to everyone that it’s on a completely different level when it comes to entertaining its players.

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