Inbox vs. Gmail – Organizing, Features and Emails Comparison

Regarding email apps, we have to admit that Inbox by Google is quite a new addition. It has been on the market for just a couple of years, so it’s not that popular. At the same time, Gmail (which stands for Google Mail), is indeed a veteran in this field, offering this service for 13 years. Both of them come from the same company, Google, so it’s not a question of rivalry, but should you stick to Gmail or go for the new Inbox?

Basic Features

Inbox by email is in fact the same Gmail account, but it comes with a different presentation, together with a separate application. It includes features found on Gmail, so it is kind of easy to use. The free basic features on Gmail are available on Inbox too, meaning that you enjoy an online storage space of 15 GB, shared with Google Drive, for example. You can also have access using POP and IMAP, as well as 2-step authentication for your account security.

Reply to Emails

Here, Inbox is quite ahead of Gmail. Inbox comes together with AI-supported replies to the contacts you have, which means you type an email faster than usual. You will see a quick response beneath the screen. Google decided to also include emojis, but you can also reply the old-fashioned way.

Organizing Emails

There are indeed lots of ways in which you can organize your emails, but there are some steps you should follow. Inbox for Gmail helps you by detecting messages and classifying them automatically. What’s best is the fact that you can delete all the messages at once. Maybe the only difference between Inbox and Gmail is the fact that the former is designed more for the younger audience, being more modern and less formal, as opposed to Gmail, which is the old reliable service.

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