Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome – Better Malware Protection

The web browsers battle is definitely an ongoing on, since the tech giants are constantly improving their services. Recently we found out that Microsoft Edge offers more security than its rival Google Chrome, but is that really so? There were some tests run on both browsers in order to see which one is the most secure.


The benchmark tests have shown the Microsoft Edge indeed is better at detecting malware and rejecting online attacks than Chrome. NSS Labs ran the tests on the browsers, and from the malicious downloads they tested, Microsoft Edge recognized almost all of them, while Chrome only around 85%. According to the experts, this may be so because Microsoft enjoys some special technologies, such as SmartScreen App Reputation and URL Filtering.

Phishing Websites

Besides this, Microsoft Edge had success when it came to blocking phishing sites. It had a faster time in comparison with the rivals Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Even so, the big disadvantage of Microsoft Edge is the fact that it runs only on Windows 10 devices. Even if you have a Mac or a PC running on Linux Edge, you still can’t use the browser.

So Is It a Good Idea?

For whoever wants to try out Microsoft Edge, you can be sure that you get the best protection from malware threats when you use the browser. Moreover, you will have the possibility to detect any possible attack on your device while using it. It is also energy efficient, since it lets you save up some battery life. However, Chrome is quite fast and is available for any platform, Android and iOS included. All in all, it would be a good idea to use Edge if you’re using a Windows 10 device, but if not, perhaps you should stick to Chrome.

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  1. I got the old popup “Your computer is infected”, three rtime while using Chrom this week. I had to kill it with Task Manager. It’s never happend while using MS Edge. I’ll stick with Edge.

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