WhatsApp Download Via iOS or Android Devices with Care

WhatsApp users can now download the app for Android, iOS and PC. Here are a few things to know about downloading WhatsApp for different mobile devices.

Download WhatsApp for Android

You can download WhatsApp using Google Play Store on your device. Simply tap on the icon named Play Store. Then, from the app’s home screen, you can enter a keyword that you would want to download and install. Simply follow the instructions and you will be notified after the installation has been successful.

However, if you would like to download the APK file of WhatsApp, you simply have to enable the Unknown Sources option from the Settings. Just go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and tap on the box at the side and check on it. This will enable you to download and install the app even from outside the Play Store. Don’t forget to disable this after you have installed the app to avoid accidentally installing potentially unwanted apps.

Downloading WhatsApp for iOS

You can also download WhatsApp for iOS from a reliable source, other than the App Store. However, you need to have a jailbroken device in order to proceed with the installation of any program for iOS devices.

It is also favorable to download and install the app from the App Store because apps will undergo scrutiny from there. This will ensure that you get reliable apps before you are going to download and install them on your iOS devices.

Likewise, you can also transfer or download WhatsApp via Bluetooth or other media allowed by your devices, including ShareIt, among others. This can be a good alternative instead of downloading it from an unreliable site. Just make sure to scan the apps first before installation in order to avoid having your devices infected with common threats, such as viruses, worm, Trojan, and malware.

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