Best Tips for to Free Your iPhone Space

We all know the struggle when traveling, you want to take lots of photos or shoot amazing videos, but suddenly you see a warning that there isn’t enough space available on your phone. We’ve all been there and it’s no easy task, but there are some tips and tricks that should help you manage this issue.

Check what’s taking up most memory

Sometimes a brief look at your Settings menu is all you need to know. You can see there what is taking up most of your memory and decide if you can delete it or not. Many people have the bad habit of keeping apps they no longer use on their phone, so check that too.

Look over the photos

In most cases, photos are the ones that occupy most space on devices. Is it really necessary to keep the photos from three years ago stored on your phone? If not, then you should consider uploading them to the cloud service. Use the iCloud but if it’s not enough for you, there are also other similar services. Now you can safely delete them from the phone.

Delete messages

We tend to keep all the conversations and messages you receive, but sometimes they really aren’t necessary. Just go to messages and be merciless when deleting them. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to lose them forever, since there are countless backup programs that help you store them on your computer.

Hidden app files

Even if you may not know, third-party apps are storing app files on your device for a smooth experience. However, they soon become useless but they keep occupying space on your device. For example, Twitter has just introduced a cache-cleaning feature in the app. However, there are lots of apps that can help you keep your phone clean of useless data.

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