Chrome Home Interface New UI Changes and Improvements

As you may already know (or not), Google is often running tests on the new Chrome features in the so-called “flags”, which are hidden settings that let you enable or disable them. The Chrome Home interface was first spotted back in October 2016, when people noticed that it moved the address bar in the browser to the bottom. This feature in particular is useful for people who are using larger screens, but it seems that there are more changes on the way.

Revamped interface

Chrome Home, right from its name, indicates that the bottom address bar is merely a component of a larger array of changes, and now it seems that we have the confirmation for this. If you use the Chrome Canary 59 and you enable both #enable-chrome-home and #ntp-google-g-in-omnibox, you get access to a completely new and revamped interface. It allows you to pull up the bottom address bar at any time in order to see the New Tab page. Just like the already existing page, it shows up recently-visited sites, suggested articles or recent bookmarks.

New UI

If you pull up the address bar, you can see a new UI in the bottom tab, which seems to become a common thing among the Google apps. The bar will let you see shortcuts for Bookmarks, History and Downloads. Some people claim that it would have been more useful to also have another one for Recent Tabs, but Google still has time to polish their changes.

All in all, the new interface looks pretty attractive and it seems to run smoothly from the tests run until now. Given the fact that Google put so much effort into it, we should expect it to become the default version on future Chrome updates for everybody to enjoy the new changes.

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