Grand Theft Auto 6 Update – Female Protagonist, VR and Realistic Features

Rockstar have announced some serious upgrades on their latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto Series, GTA 6, just in time for the series’ twentieth anniversary. The first installment launched exactly twenty years ago, in 1997, and the game has surely come a long way since. Let’s have a look at the five newest upgrades it will receive.

A New City

With fan-favorite cities such as San Andreas having already been integrated in the game, fans have once again expressed their desire for a new city they can explore and wreak havoc in. the GTA game franchise has gone as far on the map as London, but in the upgraded GTA 6 players will also be able to visit American classics such as Chicago, Washington DC and the lively New Orleans.

Female Protagonist

Ladies, the wait is over. This upgrade is for all the girl-gamers out there feeling they were lacking representation in GTA, especially when most of the women the male protagonist interacted with were prostitutes. The game will soon allow you to play with either a male or a female protagonist, a big step ahead for the series.

Virtual Reality

Rockstar has revealed that GTA will soon add a new way for players to participate in the storyline to their roster of options. It is now possible to play the game via PlayStation’s VR Support, which means you can really immerse yourself in the GTA world and storyline, if you really want to.

More Realistic Features

Although the game is overall pretty darn close to what you can see in reality, there still have been some pleas towards Rockstar to make it even more so. Now, in the upgraded version, previously destroyed buildings will be rebuilt in real-time, with construction workers and all that.

Simultaneous PC & Console Launches

This is something PC gamers have been complaining about for years now, ever since consoles became the hottest gadget in gaming. There is also a strong possibility that GTA 6 will be available on PC first, and later on consoles, unlike previous launches that were always console-oriented.

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