iOS 11 vs. iOS 10 – Improved Design and New Perks

It seems that just yesterday Apple launched iOS 10 and its companion new installment in the iPhone series, iPhone 7, and took the world by storm with the many improvements in design, specs, perks and overall quality of user experience they had to offer. With the iOS 11 planned to be unveiled officially at the World Developer Conference that will take place of June 5 in San Jose, California, here are seven ways in which it will supposedly outgrow its tried and tested predecessor.

Dark Mode

Perhaps the most requested feature, the new iOS 11 will provide users with a system-wide dark background that will be easy on the eyes at night. It will also improve the device’s battery life.

Group FaceTime

The fact that Apple’s FaceTime is still overlooked in favor of Skype is mostly due to its lack of a group call option. However, rumor has it that this will all be solved with iOS 11.

AR Support

The upcoming iPhone 8 will supposedly be able to support augmented reality, with Apple CEO Tim Cook being a big fan and strong supporter of the concept.

Better Maps

It’s no secret that Apple Maps still can’t compete with its Android rival, Google Maps. However, Apple is working hard to improve this, and it looks like we will see actual results in iOS 11.

Siri Overhaul

While Siri used to be the world’s most beloved digital voice assistant, it has been lagging behind in recent years. Apple thus found itself needing to upgrade Siri, and with iOS 11, we will receive a better version that sounds more natural and is more intelligent.

Video Sharing

Rumor has it that iOS 11 will introduce a brand new video sharing app that will further integrate your iPhone into the global social media experience.

No More 32-bit Apps

The new iOS 11 will supposedly no longer support 32-bit apps, forcing developers to start working in 64-bit exclusively.

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