Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Available for $10 With New Improvements

Minecraft is the most popular game in the world right now with a user base of over 25 million. After taking a look at those numbers, we think it’s safe to say that Microsoft has made a good decision when it decided to acquire Minecraft from Mojang. The reason we are talking about Minecraft today is because the Windows 10 Edition has just been discounted to $10 on the Windows Store. This is quite a good deal we might add, since the game’s initial price is $27.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition: Windows Store Discount

The best thing about this deal though is that it also includes cross-platform play with Pocket Edition and Xbox Live support. We should mention that interested readers should hurry up and purchase the game ASAP because the deal is available only until May 3rd. In addition, another incentive to acquire Minecraft Windows 10 Edition now is because a better deal won’t pop-up any time soon.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition: Reasons to Purchase It

There is a good reason why Minecraft has managed to gather such a huge fan base. The game allows players to express their creativity and survival skills while having fun at the same time. The game’s developer has made sure that all players have something to do in the game that’s why there’s a survival mode and creative mode.

Although both modes are fun to play, the survival one is what Minecraft so popular. Once starting a game in the survival mode, players will find themselves stranded in a location with nothing but wilderness surrounding them. This is where creativity comes in. Players will have to user their bare fists in order to chop down trees and craft tools and weapons which can then be used to create a shelter that will keep them safe from monsters that lurk in the night.

On the other hand, the creative mode is what truly sets players free. In this mode, players will be able to fly and get access to endless amounts of blocks without any effort. The creative mode is where artistic players come and create different buildings such as castles, roller coasters or even murals.

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