Samsung Galaxy Book vs. Apple iPad Pro – Best Specs and Features Comparison

Ever since the smartphone trend set off about a decade ago, Samsung and Apple have been in constant competition with each other. This has pushed both brands towards achieving their best, and they certainly didn’t fail in delivering some of the best tech of the last ten years. As of late, Apple and Samsung have had yet another domain to compete in, namely tablets. Their latest additions to the product roster, the Samsung Galaxy Book and the Apple iPad Pro are certainly comparable in quality, but which one is the best tablet?

Samsung Galaxy Book or Apple iPad Pro?

Both tablets have essentially the same design, that of a table that comes with an attachable keyboard, which means that they are both laptop substitutes. The displays are almost the same size, a 12 inch for the Samsung, and a slightly bigger 12.9 inch for Apple. However, the iPad Pro is also lighter and offer higher quality pixels.

As far as RAM goes, the iPad Pro only comes in the 4GB option, while the Galaxy Book offers you a choice between 4GB and 8GB. Internal storage is almost the same, with the difference that the iPad also offers a lower-gigabyte version of 32GB, alongside the 128 and 256GB variants that the Galaxy Book also comes in.

Battery life is almost the same, with the Samsung Galaxy Book beating the iPad Pro with just a half our difference (10 hour-battery life versus 10.5). As far as the price goes, comparisons in this department cannot be made yet, due to the fact that Samsung hasn’t released any information on the price of the Samsung Galaxy Book yet. The Apple iPad Pro retails for 799 dollars.

And The Winner Is…

The Samsung Galaxy Book, with the condition that Samsung place it at a comparable or even lower price point than the Apple iPad Pro.


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