4 Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks to Try

Google Mail of Gmail is one of the best email services available to users these days. It’s free, easy-to-use and offers 15GB of free storage. But not everybody knows that there are tips and tricks they can use to make the most of this powerful web-based email service.

  1. Become aware of websites that send out your email address.

If you are one of those who sign up for newsletter subscriptions, chances are, there will be emails sent to you from unknown addresses with marketing strategies and promotions. To know which of the sites you sign up with give your email address to marketers, it is possible to create numerous email addresses that send messages to just one inbox. By doing so, you can filter the emails you receive. The trick here is to add a “dot” anywhere in your email address or the (+) sign. For example: my.a.d.d.ress.newsletter@gmail.com  or myadress+newsletter@gmail.com. The emails sent to the addresses  myaddress.newsletter@gmail.com and my.a.d.d.ress.newsletter@gmail.com will be sent to just one inbox. This is because Gmail does not recognize dots when placed within the username.

  1. Send files that are over the given limit for messages and attachments.

Gmail allows 25MB for sending files and attachments. If the file sent to you is more than 25 MB, you will not receive the email and it will be returned to the sender. Conversely, if you attempt to send an email that is also more than 25 MB in size, you will receive an error. To address this issue, you can send your files via Google Drive. Here are the steps to do just so:

  • While you are composing a message, click on “Insert files using Drive”.
  • Select Upload tab.
  • Tick on the file you want to send and drag it to the “Drag files here” section and drop it.
  • Click or highlight the files you want to share and click “Insert”.
  1. Change the theme of your Gmail account.

The first step is to log in to your Gmail and click on the Settings icon, the “cog wheel” on the upper right corner of your Gmail screen. Next, click on “Themes” from the drop-down menu. You can choose your preferred theme from one of the theme thumbnails. Simply click on one and it will be applied as your theme. You can select another if you do not like the first one. If you do not find any theme you like from the choices, you can go for a solid color scheme. Once you have the desired them, click on Save.

  1. Use an image or photo as your Gmail background.

Simply click the option, “My Photos” from the Theme screen and select an uploaded image on the screen. If there is no existing photo, you can upload a new one. Just click “Upload a photo” or click on “Paste a URL” so you can add a link to an image from the internet.

Meanwhile, if you want Gmail alternatives for 2017, there are available email services you can try.

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