Adobe Flash Player Replaced by HTML5 on Netflix for Linux

We have some great news for Linux users, as according to the latest reports, Netflix is finally coming to this platform with the help of Firefox. However, we remind you that this has been available since 2014, but it seems that now, you will no longer need plugins.

In other words, the Firefox browser is now officially supporting Netflix on Linux. At the same time, Chrome users are able to access Netflix on Linux. However, let’s go back to Firefox and Netflix that it is currently supported by this browser on Linux.

It seems that the change has been made possible because Netflix has moved over to HTML5 video for Linux, which replaces Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight.

We also have to mention that since now it runs via HTML5, it is able to run more file types such as MPEG-DASH, WebCrypto, Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), which will surely please the Linux users.

Netflix claims that thanks to the plugin-free playback that works seamlessly on all major platforms, it will help it to deliver an awesome experience no matter how the users will choose to watch.

We remind you that the Windows 10 users are now able to run videos at 4K Ultra HD within Microsoft Edge, which is also expected to be released on other platforms in the near future too. We have to mention that the company is currently working with the color on the Web community group in order to bring CSS code and HDR graphics.

We remind you that Netflix service was unavailable for Linux for a while, when the users of this operating system became very disappointed. At the same time, some plugins have been removed, which the previous Netflix system has relied on. However, Linux is not as common as Windows 10 and this is one the reasons why the company has not rushed to fix this problem.

From now on, the Linux fans can use the Firefox web browser to play content available on Netflix.

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