Amazon Chime vs. Microsoft Skype – Best Interface and Call Quality Comparison

Last Tuesday, Amazon released a new service named Chime, which centers on online meetings and bringing together team members found in various places. Even though there are already many solutions for this, Amazon intend to make things even simpler, gathering all the tools in one hub. However, is it good enough to be compared with the veteran rival Skype for Business? Let’s have a look at the two!


The thing with Skype is that it’s pretty complicated: there are several versions of it (consumer, business), the features differ according to the version, the price differs too, so you have to do some research if you choose it as your business tool. On the other hand, Amazon’s service is quite simple and straightforward, laying out all the features clearly.


Chime is quite simple and intuitive, so you figure it out pretty quickly and you learn how to launch a video call with several people. Meanwhile, Skype can be pretty confusing, since it is based more on messaging and on calls between only two users.

Scheduling a video meeting

This is one feature that is often needed in the business world, so it makes a difference. Amazon Chime makes this really easy. To be honest, both services ask you to go through several steps until you do it, but Chime simply has a tab for meetings, while Skype requires you to go to the Outlook calendar and use that.

Call quality

Amazon declares that they’ve gone an extra mile for cutting out the annoying noise which you can hear when you have an audio call, with their special noise-cancelling technology. Moreover, Chime smartly identifies where the noise comes from and tries to show which participant is producing the sound. Moreover, you can mute any noisy line whenever you want, while with Skype many people often complain about the bad quality of the calls.

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