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iTunes 12.6 Update Download Available with Cross-Platform Support

A thing that is often frustrating with the iTunes movie rentals is the fact that you have to finish watching a movie on the device where you started. So if you want to rent a particular movie with an iPhone, you can’t watch the same movie on other Apple devices. However, this is about to change!

Cross-Platform Support

Along with the introduction of iTunes 12.6, Apple offers a “rent once, watch anywhere” option. This means that the company is now ready to quit all the restrictions on the movie rentals available on the iTunes Store. Now you don’t have to finish watching a movie on the same device where you started and rented it.

The Verge reported that the iTunes movie rentals are compatible over devices that have iOS 10.3 or tvOS 10.2. However, iOS 10.3 is in the late stages for beta-testing, though we should expect soon an update for the feature to become available.

Before, you couldn’t transfer iTunes movie rentals at all. Apple indeed let you move the content from one device to another, but it would move entirely, disappearing from the iTunes library on the PC or Mac. However, the company did let users stream movie rentals to Apple TV devices, with the help of their feature AirPlay.

How to download iTunes 12.6

This is a free update released by Apple, and you can download it if you go to the iTunes file menu and click on Check for Updates. This update is the next in a series of announcements for devices released by Apple for this month, which include a Product (RED) iPhone 7 and a completely new iPad with a 9.7 inches display that should replace the iPad Air 3. Needless to say, people are really happy that this issue was solved and that now they can switch the device.

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