Surface Pro 5 Possible Release Date, Hints and Clues

Naturally, everybody is curious to see an official announcement for the next version of the Surface Pro, but for now, there are small chances that we will see the device released this month. There was no sign of it at the MWC event last month in Barcelona and nothing in March until now either. However, let’s see what we already speculate about the upcoming device.

Possible Release Date

People thought a possible release date was in October 2016, since the Pro 4 model was launched in October 2015. However, the date passed and there was still no device, so people hoped it will be released at the MWC. The most optimist fans hope it will be released this spring.


Rumor has it that the device will come together with the Surface Pen, which is the stylus paired with the Surface Pro tablet. The stylus will also be updated and it will contain a rechargeable battery with wireless charging enabled when you attach it magnetically to the device. Moreover, the Surface Pro 5 may come with a Surface Dial, a feature that was released along with the Surface Studio PC. Most likely, this will be a small optional accessory.

All clues hint to the fact that the Pro 5 will enjoy the latest generation available when it comes to the Intel processor. Some voices even claim that we’re talking about the 6th gen Skylake chip, but there are chances it will enjoy a Kaby Lake one. There is also a chance that Microsoft will change it to a Qualcomm Snapdragon product for a better battery life.

One report suggests that the Pro 5 will come with a 2K screen, but it will have a 4K alternative. Presumably, it will offer 16 GB RAM, most likely for cheaper versions, since Pro 4 already has this feature.

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