Apple iPad 2017 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – Best Performance Comparison

The tablet industry hasn’t been as fruitful as it used to be, the demand for tablets started falling along the years but this hasn’t stopped Samsung and Apple from keeping on refreshing their tablet offerings. Both tech giants launched two brand new 9.7 inch tablets on March 17th and while the two gadgets have been released at the same time and they feature the same display size, they are quite different.

Samsung decided to create one of its best tablets ever while Apple had a different approach. The Cupertino based tech giant has created the new iPad with one purpose in mind, to cater to mid-ranged budgets and offer stable performances. This is why Apple’s 9.7 inch iPad has been priced at $329 while Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S3 costs $600.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at what these two gadgets have to offer, and see which one is the better purchase. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

 Keyboard Support

Tablets have become so powerful that more than often, they are able to replace usual laptops. This is why having keyboard support is highly important. Well, Samsung has the upper hand in this department because it supports the snap-in Pogo keyboard. This accessory can be acquired for $130 and it receives power straight from the tablet. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad only supports third-party keyboards that can be connected through Bluetooth. The downside is that the accessory needs to be charged on its own.


Another great accessory that enhances any tablet’s functionalities is a stylus. Both companies have their own styluses, but only Galaxy Tab S3 supports Samsung’s pressure-sensitive S Pen. Even better, the special stylus has been bundled with the tablet. The affordable iPad doesn’t support the Apple Pencil or any other stylus as a matter of fact.

On-board Storage

The new Apple tablet ships in the 32GB and 128GB of internal storage space variants. Samsung has decided to make its tablet available only in the 32GB model, but the storage space can be expanded up to 256GB via microSD card. Apple really needs to introduce microSD card support in the future so that its tablets can be up to par with the competition.

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