Best Caller ID Apps Free Download Available for Android

Most of us generally hesitate to answer calls from unknown numbers, and we have horror films and other horrific accounts of crazed stalkers to thank for that. However, there’s a simple way to add caller ID on your smartphone, just like home phones sometimes had back in the day. In this way, you will be able to screen your calls and decide who to answer and who to avoid safely. Here are the top five apps to do that with.


This amazing app has over 40 million ratings, so you know it’s good. And its 40k reviews also reinforce that. This app will show you both the name of the caller and the country from where he or she is calling you, which can be very handy. It also allows you to instantly block any number.


This app is so amazing we’re shocked it’s free. It not only gives you the name of your caller, but also their Facebook account complete with recent photos, birthdays and other tidbits of information that will help you establish who exactly is making the call.


This free caller ID app does its name justice and provides you with a complete profile of your mystery caller. The profile includes name, address, social media profiles and many more, which appear on your screen and help you decide whether to press red or not.

Mr. Number

This free caller ID app for Android also helps you both identify and block numbers. This includes both calls and text messages. But what is particularly great is that you can block incoming calls from one whole area of the globe if you want to. This will be very handy if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation.


Whoscall was one of the best apps of 2013, with a database of 600 global users it draws its information from.

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