BlueStacks Player Download and Install Available on Windows

If you’re an Android app enthusiasts, you will surely love what BlueStacks has to offer you. With this handy little app player, you can emulate Android on your Windows desktop, meaning that now you can use your favorite apps from the comfort of your laptop or personal computer (with the condition that it runs on some compatible version of Windows).

Besides expanding your app and mobile gaming scope further away from merely your phone and tablet, BlueStacks also has the advantage of letting you try out new apps without filling up your limited internal storage. And, above all, you get to enjoy your favorite apps on a huge computer screen! Here’s how to use BlueStacks in four easy steps.

Download and install

This first step is, of course, the most important and basic one. You need to download theBlueStacks .exe and run it on your computer in order to install the program. But bear in mind that the .exe is larger than 300MB, so the download will take some time.

Sign in

Next, you will need to sign into BlueStacks with your Google account. This will be useful later on for syncing your Android data and apps with the desktop version. The app player will now be busy installing common apps, which you will notice running in the background.

Find and install apps

BlueStacks’ desktop interface will look like any other common Androind interface we are all very accustomed with. So, in order to find and install new apps, simply visit the Play Store as you would on your phone or tablet, and have fun with it. After all, your computer is bound to have a whole lot more internal storage space for you to use.

Sync your data

As previously mentioned, by signing in with your Google account, you will also be able to sync your data off your phone and tablet. This means that all the apps you have on there will be transferred, so you have more time to look for new ones.

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