GTA 6 To Come Exclusively With First-Person Mode

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online is still played by many gamers all over the world, but it seems that Rockstar is already thinking about starting the development of the GTA 6.

According to some rumors, the GTA 6 video game will be released with some major changes that will set it apart from the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. If the guys from N4BB are right, the GTA 6 will come with the basic gaming principles as the previous GTA games, but it will also be released exclusively in first-person mode.

The GTA 6 is also expected to be released with a female protagonist, which means that for the first time in the GTA series, you will be able to play as a female character in story mode. In fact, the female character will be the leader of the team and even if not many players agree with this, they will need to live with it.

There are also reports saying that GTA 6 will not come with other major changes. However, there are high chances that the legal debacle between Leslie Benzies and Rockstar might cause some other major adjustments to future versions of the “Grand Theft Auto”.

According to some previous rumors, the GTA 6 will be released sometime in 2020, when the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 are expected to hit the stores. In fact, the GTA 6 is also expected to be the first game that will be released for the mentioned consoles. Aside from the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5, GTA 6 will also be released for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One.

Rockstar Games prefers to stay mum regarding the “Grand Theft Auto 6” release date. In fact, the developing company has not even mentioned if they’ve started working on it.

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