Horizon Zero Dawn Tips That You Can Use In Your Journey

Horizon Zero Dawn is a new game that has been released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 console. It seems that more and more players are now purchasing the game and this is the reason why today we will give you some tips and tricks that you can use while playing it.

Scouting The Enemy

When you play this game for the first time, you want to go “YOLO” mode, but it seems that things are not going very well if you will do this. The good news is that any mechanical beast in this game has at least a weakness. Thanks to the Focus device that you will get at the beginning of the game, you will receive all the information that you need.

So, before attacking a creature, make sure that you quickly scan it in order to see its fragile spots, including the elemental weakness (if it has one). It is very important to know where you need to hit, especially when you face a very powerful enemy.

Gathering Resources

In Horizon Zero Dawn, you are able to craft items on the go. This means that you can craft arrows during the fights. However in order to craft items you need resources and this is the reason why you should always try to pick as many redwood (for arrows) and medicinal plants (for recovering your health) as possible.

Fast Travel

The Horizon Zero Dawn comes with a big world and it is very time consuming if you try to get from a part of the map to another by foot. However, you can use some consumables to use the fast travel feature. Unfortunately, once you use the fast travel item, it will disappear and you will have to buy a new one from a merchant.

Horizon Zero Dawn comes with some great graphics, combat and story. If you own a PlayStation 4 console, then we suggest you to purchase this game, because it is totally worth it.

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