iMessage Issues – How to Solve them on iPhone and iPad

For those of you who might not know what we’re talking about, iMessage represents Apple’s answer to Blackberry Messenger. It is quite different than the regular SMS text messaging service, since it relies on data to send messages, instead of the data plan you have. People usually prefer it because it does not have a character limit or any data limits that come with the MMS messages. However, it is only available for Apple devices.

What Is the Issue?

Sometimes people notice that the iMessage is not working anymore. First thing, you have to check if the message is shown in a green or blue bubble. A green bubble means that the message was sent through the cellular plan (SMS/MMS), while a blue one indicates it was sent through iMessage. Also, if there is a problem with sending a message to all the contacts, then most likely the problem is with your device.

How to Solve It

  • Turn off iMessage. Go to Settings/ Messages and tap the button next to the iMessage. This will turn it off. Reboot the phone and when it’s back on, go back to Settings and turn iMessage back on.
  • Make sure the app is set up correctly. Go to Settings and open the Send & Receive menu. Make sure iMessage is activated for your number by looking under the Start New Conversations From option.
  • Check the Internet connection. Maybe you wouldn’t have thought about it, but sometimes the Internet connection is the responsible one. Open the browser and try to access any website to see if the connection is truly working.
  • Check for updates. If you go to Settings/ General/ Software Update, you can check if there is any update available for the app or for the iOS. An old version can cause you more problems than you would guess.
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