iPad (2017) vs. iPad Pro 9.7 – What Do We Know So Far?

The new iPad version released by Apple represents the beginning of a new budget-oriented strategy developed for this tablet series. However, the company still offers a high-end version tablet that matches the 10-inches size, so which one is better?


The height and width of both tablets are identical, 240×170 mm, but the difference here is the thickness. The iPad (2017) is 7.5 mm thick, while the iPad Pro 9.7 is 6.1 mm. It’s not such a big difference, but it could be decisive when you think about which version you want to buy.


The 2017 version of the iPad weighs 469 grams (Wi-Fi) or 478 g (Wi-Fi + LTE), as compared to 437 g for the iPad Pro 9.7 or 444 g for Wi-Fi + LTE version.


Both model follow the well-known Apple design, namely they have an aluminum unibody look. Regarding the colors, for the 2017 iPad version you can choose between space gray, silver and gold. The iPad Pro 9.7 offers the some colors, plus rose gold.


The size of the display is the same for both devices, more exactly 9.7 inches, and the type is IPS. Moreover, the two tablets also offer the same resolution and ppi: 2048 x 1536 pixels and 264 ppi. However, the iPad Pro 9.7 is the only product that receives a True Tone display. This technology uses sensors in order to adjust the color balance depending on the surroundings.


The iPad Pro 9.7 device wins here, running on an A9X dual core CPU clocked at 2.3 GHz, while the iPad (2017) includes an A9 dual core clocked at 1.85 GHz. However, both tablets rely on 2 GB RAM to get the job done.


While the iPad (2017) comes with a 32.4 W-h battery, the iPad Pro 9.7 relies on a 27.5 W-h. However, they both promise up to 10 hours of functioning.

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