Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Issue Source Named and Fixed

Nintendo Switch is today’s hottest video console, that lets the player enjoy the game on-the-go or from a large television screen. With its built-in 6.2-inch screen, this hybrid game console is versatile and has a 2-player co-op in tablet mode. It also allows screen capturing. As for its operating system, it is clean and allows the user to resume the game in seconds when in sleep mode.

Launched on March 3, this phenomenal gadget is a hot item that finding one is a challenge. Within the first week of release, around 1.5 million units were sold. Consequently, production is expected to double within the next year. But despite the clamor to get hold of the Switch, some owners have complained of issues with synching left Joy-Con controllers and Nintendo has also announced that it has traced the source of these problems.

Nintendo of America said that some of the controllers have acted up from a variation during the manufacturing. Due to this, these controllers got affected with wireless interference. However, this problem has been resolved and Nintendo reiterated that there is no problem with the design of the left Joy-Con controllers.

The company also added that controllers in question only needed a simple fix and not a major repair nor replacement. Moreover, the fix was only at factory level and that there will be no connectivity issues caused by this variation in the future.

As for gamers who will still be experiencing problems with wireless interference for any other reason, consumers are advised to get in touch with the customer support team. For controllers that will be requiring repairs, they can have it done free-of-charge.

Meanwhile, a troubleshooting guide was also released by Nintendo for gamers who encounter wireless interference issues with their left Joy-Con controllers. This includes ensuring that no devices or gadgets that can result to wireless interference are near the game console.

Switch Features

For those who are wondering what’s inside the Switch, there is much to like about this game console. It has a 720p capacitive touchscreen for display and as mentioned earlier, is 6.2 inches in size. When hooked up with television, it has an output that can reach up to 1080p. It can also have an audio output of 5.1 surround sound if placed on a dock and stereo sound with the use of wired headphones or speakers in mobile use. There are USB3 ports on the Switch, two of these are located on the left side of the dock while the other one is situated behind the connection panel. Other features include an Nvidia Tegra chip processor, USB-C power port and an HDMI-out slot.


For storage, the Switch has 32GB capacity although only about 26GB can be used. Moreover, if a game will be downloaded to it, say, the Breadth of the Wild, which will be available from the eStore, it will also eat up some memory. The good news, though, is that it is expandable up to 2TB via an external microSD card. There are also game cards available to get back to a saved game in a jiffy.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch comes with Cloud save and new improvements, on top of its existing features. With the added features and the Joy-con issue addressed, fans can now make the most of their gaming experience.

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