Super Mario Run Available to Play on Android Devices

Nintendo has recently announced that the Super Mario Run game will be released for the Android platforms on March 23. This is good news for all the fans, since they were all expecting this type of announcement. From January we knew that Super Mario Run will be available for Android in March, but we had no exact date to expect.

What’s the game bringing?

The game will also come with the v2.0.0 update, but the company did not share any details about what does the update contain. Initially, the game was released only for iOS devices, back in December last year. Surprisingly or not, the game was a huge hit and it gathered almost 78 million downloads, last time Nintendo checked.

Do I have to pay?

If you download the game for free, you will have some samples of levels, but if you want to unlock every course you will have to pay $10. Nintendo declared that 5% of all the players have in fact paid in order to buy and play all the courses. If you do simple math, then you will see that the company has actually earned millions of dollars from this game alone, and there will be many people to buy it from now on too.

But is the game worth it?

Those who are Super Mario fans and loved the game say it does. The first levels will make you feel at home, having a polished aesthetic, but still a classic look. Mario is still agile, so it’s a great game partner. The best part is that now the game brings new tricks that make him more acrobatic, even though the controls in the game are simpler than before. The 2D level design also comes with new graphics and some new moves, so make sure you check them out!

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