Surface Pro 5: Will We See a First Quarter Release Afterall?

Surface Pro fans are waiting for the release of Microsoft’s 2-in-1 hybrid device, the Surface Pro 5 and what features are to be expected from this latest product from the tech giant. Aside from talks that it will be released soon, perhaps by Spring, there are also reports of the latest Ryzen processor chips from AMD will be under the hood, so to speak. But there are also leaks that it will be powered by Kaby Lake, Intel’s latest processor, instead.

But amidst the rumors of either the Ryzen or the Kaby Lake powering the upcoming Surface Pro, a leaked photo from Microsoft building 88 indicates something else. If speculations are to be believed, the company is cooking up two versions of the device and will be using both processors. Aside from this, there are reports that Windows 10 Creator Update should be expected as well and Surface Pro 5 will be designed with a USB Type-C slot, a magnetic stylus and 4K display.

Meanwhile, there are also speculations that it will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 processor which makes everything more confusing, if not exciting. If this will push through, we can expect better battery life and even a possible LTE for mobile connectivity. Anything can happen and nothing is yet final until Microsoft makes its launch. But then again, Surface Pro is known to offer desktop power contained in a mobile device. If this will be taken into consideration, there is a big possibility that the seventh-generation core chip, Kaby Lake is the most preferable contender.

In terms of when will it be available in the market, spectators are looking at a 1st  quarter release date since it was in October 2015  when Pro 4 was launched and after a year, it was the Surface Book i7 and the Surface Studio.

If the latest circulating rumor is true, this month is the most-awaited month for the Surface Pro 5 release.  It is also claimed that Microsoft inked the contract with Pegatron to manufacture the device so we can expect quality and performance similar to what Surface Studio boast of.

Possible Features

For starters, the magnetic stylus pen will come with a rechargeable battery and is capable of charging wirelessly as opposed to its predecessor that has a battery-powered magnetic stylus pen. Another expected feature is a more compact yet optional Surface Dial that was first seen on the Surface Studio all-in-one PC.

As mentioned earlier, a possible 4K screen might likely happen although other reports say that there will also be a model with 2K display. RAM might also be 16GB, the same as its predecessor and an upgrade on the USB port is also expected, with a USB Type-C port, a big jump from the USB 3.0 port that came with Surface Pro 4. Other upgrades also include cameras, Bluetooth and better WiFi versions that might come with MU-MIMO support.

While all these are mere expectations and speculations for the time being, users will be in for a treat if the three dream features for the Surface Pro 5 become a reality.

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