Surface Pro 5 with Kaby Lake CPU Speculations and Rumors

As time is passing by, there are more and more rumors and speculations regarding the Surface Pro 5 are surfacing! The latest ones seem to have something to do with the most recent trailer released for Alien: Covenant. Could this be the first peek we take at the tablet? And if so, why is there an AMD logo and not an Intel one?

Surface Pro Spotted?

Although the Meet Walter trailer was released a fortnight ago, this week seems to be filled with talks about the tech used for the ad. If you watch the ad, you may notice that 45 seconds in, there is a character that holds a tablet surprisingly similar to a Surface product. Further into the clip, Walter Android gets injected with the AMD chip that makes it alive. Just like you might have guessed, the ad tells us that all the technology used for the Covenant is brought by AMD Ryzen and Radeon.

Ryzen vs. Kaby Lake

So is this a confirmation that the upcoming Pro 5 device will be opting for Ryzen and not the Kaby Lake, as it was rumored until now? It definitely is a possibility, but we don’t have enough evidence to claim that. At the same time, it’s not really clear if the tablet in the video is indeed a Surface one, since we have no close-ups, and honestly, mobile designs are quite similar recently.

However, it’s not a new thing to place products in high-budget movies. For example, the famous James Bond movies advertise the new Xperia smartphones, so Sony is another company that uses this technique. However, Microsoft seems not to be involved in this case. Even so, Microsoft is having a long term partnership with AMD, since they worked together on the DirectX 12 graphics and on several Visual Studios APIs, which is why people think they might collaborate now too.

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