Using Google Chrome To Run Android Applications

Not many know, but you can run Android application in Google Chrome. We remind you that back in 2015, the big search engine company has released a tool named “ARC Welder”, which is allowing the developers to test their applications in the Chrome browser before they port them to Chrome OS.

However, even if the primary goal of ARC Welder was to make it easy for the developers to create more applications for Chrome OS, it seems that it can also be used to simply run Android applications in the Chrome browser.

It is quite easy to run Android apps via ARC Welder, and below we will explain you how you can do that.

Installing ARC Welder

To install ARC Welder you will just need to go to the Chrome Web Store webpage (using Google Chrome) and search for “ARC Welder.” Once you find it, just click the “INSTALL” button to start installing it on your web browser.

Finding Android APKs

ARC Welder is able to open Android APK files, so all you will have to do is find and download these kinds of files from the internet. There are many websites that host APK files, but make sure that you download it from a trusted one, in order to not get some malwares on your computer.

Running APK Files In ARC Welder

After downloading the APK file, you can simply launch ARC Welder in Google Chrome and choose the directory where the application is able to write some temporary files. Once you do this, just click to find and add the APK file that you want to try out and this will bring a page of configurations options. According to Google, the best way is to leave the default values, so we also suggest you to not change them. To launch the application just click on the “test” button.

Keep in mind that ARC Welder is able to run only one application at a time, so if you want to try out another Android application, you will need to close the current one, select the new APK file and click the “test” button again.

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