Adobe Flash Player Debugger Beta Update Download Available

The Adobe Flash Player Debugger Beta is in fact a content fixer, plus a troubleshooter for Flash and Flex projects. Actually, it is the Debugger version for the Adobe Flash Player, which means that it analyzes, collects and it also logs errors during the development process.

Why is it different?

The Debugger differs from the normal standard version in quite a few aspects. One of them, and perhaps the most important, is the fact that is meant for developers. As such, it is not suitable for home use, and this is not just a recommendation, but it can have some serious consequences, such as slowing down the playback speed or making browsing unresponsive.

This happens because the purpose of this tool is to gather information during the playback so that it can create reports and fix the several issues that appear and may hold content back from behaving as it should.

Two different versions

You can find the Adobe Flash Player Debugger in 2 versions: one comes as the ActiveX control that is active inside browsers, and the other is a standalone version called the Projector. The Projector is used outside the browser, but also inside Flash development platforms (like the Flash Builder or Flash Professional).

However, developers choose most often the first version, which is useful for simple architectures that don’t really need a more complex debugger. Even though the Active X one has a lighter installer, the deployment is actually quite complicated.

There are some issues that appear when the Adobe Flash Player is installed on the system already, and in this case you can fail in installing the Debugger. You will receive an error message saying that there is a Flash installation already detected on the machine. If so, you should remove the player with the Adobe Uninstaller, and then try again.

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