ASUS Transformer Pro T304 – A Better Surface Pro 4?

In case you are looking for a laptop similar to the Surface Pro 4, but you don’t want to buy exactly the Microsoft product, then you should be considering the ASUS Transformer Pro T304 model. In general, Asus is taking the lead from Microsoft, and we can see that from the fact that the Transformer Pro series is almost identical to the Surface Pro 4.


Briefly, the Transformer Pro T304 is a 2-in-1 tablet that runs on Windows 10, so basically it follows Microsoft’ example of a tablet that replaces the notebook. As such, it is a Tablet PC with a 12.6 inches IPS display that comes with a 2160×1440 pixels resolution. Moreover, it has a 3:2 aspect ratio, just like the Surface Pro 4. It is quite light, weighing just 1.8 pounds, and also thin, with only 0.34 inches thickness. The tablet comes with a built-in kickstand that allows it to angle down or to stand upright, similar to… yep, the Surface Pro.


It runs on the 7th gen Core i5 and i7 CPUs, paired with 16 GB RAM. It has up to 1 TB PCIe x4 SSD. Regarding the connectivity, the device has one USB 3.1 Type-C port, one USB 3.0, the usual audio jack, plus the HDMI connection. Surprisingly enough, here it is actually better than the Surface Pro 4, which offers just one USB 3.0 port. The fingerprint scanner also offers Windows 10 Hello support, and you can also use Cortana through the microphone. Last but not least, the Asus Pen is also an advantage, supporting the Windows 10 Ink.


Here, Asus did not follow Microsoft’s example. The Surface line is usually a high-end option, but Asus chose to price an Intel Core i5-7200U CPU/ 8 GB RAM/ 256 GB SSD to $1,450, or at least this is what happens at the NCIX retailer.

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