Installing Adobe Flash Player is Rewarded with $5 by FedEx

We don’t know if you noticed this until now, but it seems that HTML5 is taking over the web, leaving behind all the other markup languages around. And many companies are indeed relying more and more on it, forgetting about the Adobe Flash service, including social media or video streaming websites.

The Exception

The exception in this case is FedEx, and the courier delivery company now offers to their customers (those who use the Office Print customization service) a voucher of $5 that can be used for orders of more than $30 if they install and use Adobe Flash Player for their browsers. The news was seen by Shawn Knight at TechSpot, and some people see this as a motivation for going through the long and annoying Adobe Flash installing process.

How to do it

Just after you enter the FedEx Office page (without having installed the Flash), you will see a message that guides you step-by-step to install Flash. Besides the instructions, you will also receive a discount code, FLA726. If you enter the code as you check out, you will receive the $5 voucher that can be applied to the next purchase of more than $30.

Why should you do it?

It seems that FedEx designed this financially rewarding manner in order to attract more people to install Flash. You should definitely do so if you are working in a field where you need to design/print banners, posters, signs and others. You can also do that from your own PC web browser, but now that you have a discount incentive, you should at least consider it.

This might be indeed a solution for FedEx to spare themselves the effort of reworking their website on HTML 5, but it makes sense, why waste resources when you can convince people use Flash instead?

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