Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Sneak Peek – What We Know so Far?

The most recent electric car, Model 3, was revealed a year ago, but today Elon Musk offered the public a sneak peek at the current version of the vehicle, which is almost the final one. On Friday, he posted a brief video on Twitter that shows “a release candidate version” for the Model 3. From what we can see in the video, the new car can definitely accelerate in no time.

Is Model 3 the next version of Model S?

Moreover, Musk also clarified the fact that Model 3 does not represent a successor for the Model S, but it is in fact a smaller and affordable version for it. It offers fewer features, together with less range and less power, thus leaving Model S to enjoy the more advanced technology features. He underlined the fact that Model 3 is no next version for the Tesla, such as is the case with the iPhone 2 or 3 and so on.

Model 3 has been unveiled on the first of April 2016 and its price starts from $35,000, thus being the most affordable model made by Tesla. At the time, Musk said that the base version of this Model 3 would reach 60 miles an hour in maximum 6 seconds, and one charge would be enough for driving minimum 215 miles.

Fun facts

Musk also revealed an interesting thing about this car. He said that initially they wanted to name the car Model E, but Ford sued them in order to stop this, so they switched the name to Model 3. In case it’s not obvious enough, it seems that Elon Musk’s plan was to release the Models S, E and X in a row, to form the word SEX. However, now they will use the S, 3, X order for this purpose. But this is not the first time the team brings some sexual innuendos to the table. Before revealing the Model S P85D in 2014, Musk tweeted that it was time to unveil the D.

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