Clash of Clans Shipyard Update Leaks and Proofs

The future Clash of Clans update could actually include the highly anticipated shipyard. The fact that the ships might be included in the gameplay has come up in a video presentation which suggest their activation in the upcoming balancing update.

The strategy game produced by Supercell is still enjoying its popularity, despite the success Pokemon GO and other mobile games have been having recently. Despite the fact that the team has been releasing constant updates, the players still want more.

Official confirmation

Thankfully, we also received the official confirmation from Supercell that they are currently working on including the ships into the Clash of Clans gameplay, according to a report published by iSport Times. However, the main point of interest for players now is the date on which the shipyard patch is going to be released.

More proofs

The main basis for the belief that after the balancing update, which was released recently, the team will follow up with a shipyard patch for Clash of Clans is an image of the update. The image contains a secret message about the shipyard activation as belonging to the overall game.

Fans who were keen on analyzing the image discovered that it contains a clue that reveals the image of a ship in the background, as Travelers Today has reported. As such, lots of rumors appeared that the next update will come together with the shipyard activation.

However, we have no confirmation that the upcoming update for the popular game Clash of Clans will indeed include ships, since Supercell did not say anything about it. Even so, many fans hope that the clue in the image will be real. There is even a video presentation that discusses this update in the future patch to be released for Clash of Clans.

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