Google Pixel’s Bluetooth Bug Gets Fixed

A big problem among Google Pixel and Pixel XL users has been using the device’s Bluetooth option. Due to a nasty bug in the system, the phone’s Bluetooth connect would shut off at random times, impeding data transfers and being overall annoying for phone users. And even if you turned it back on again, it still would shut off again. This might seem like a minor inconvenience, but given the fact that a Pixel or a Pixel XL is priced at around the 650 dollar mark, that shouldn’t ever happen in the first place.

Google’s  Fix for the Problem

A month ago, Google reported that a fix for the Bluetooth bug was on its way, and users were to expect it to be rolled out in an upcoming system update release. However, as per the statement of a Google community manager, the fix is now in place automatically, due to a very helpful server-side change. That’s very good news for Pixel users, because it means that no system update is required for the fix to take effect on their devices. If you’re a Pixel or Pixel XL user, you can now enjoy your fuss-free Bluetooth data transfers.

However, such an issue has been reported also on Nexus 6P units, as well as some other devices that were not created by Google. All evidence seems to indicate that the culprit here would be Google Play Services, which managed to affect devices of a particular kind of build in this way and randomly shut off their Bluetooth connection, causing much discomfort for Android users. Nonetheless, the problem should be fixed now, due to Google’s successful intervention. And the fact that no smartphone users seem to have reported such issues over the past couple of weeks is clear indication of that.

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