GTA 6 Updates Expected in 2020 with New Female Protagonists

This year, the famous Grand Theft Auto RPG franchise celebrates two decades of existence. Twenty years ago, in 1997, Rockstar launched the first ever GTA game, and the franchise has surely come a long way since. Now, twenty years later, Grand Theft Auto V is the latest installment, and it has surely been a great success. However, fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of Grand Theft Auto VI, and rumors seem to indicate that it will happen no sooner than 2020.

With Rockstar, the game’s developer, keeping quiet on the matter, we can only speculate what the game is to bring us next. However, some neat little features are rumored to be included in GTA 6.

New Cities & 70s Setting

With fans wanting to explore more cities in the game than ever before, GTA 6 will most likely bring Washington DC, Chicago and even New Orleans into the mix. And it’s all rumored to take place in the 70s, with the era’s specific elements being present in the game’s visuals. This makes sense given the fact that previous games have explored time frames such as the 80s, 90s and present-day decades, but the 70s have yet to be explored. This will be a very cool thing to see, especially if you’re into the whole 70s vibe.

Female Protagonist

Female gamers worldwide have been demanding that GTA include the option of selecting a female protagonist for years now. It seems that their wish will finally come true with GTA 6’s launch in 2020. The new installment in the game franchise will allow players to choose from its classic array of macho bad boys, but also a fresh new display of fierce dangerous ladies. We can’t wait to see the female characters Rockstar comes up with.

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